The Steve Durkin Sandstone Trust

The Steve Durkin Sandstone Trust is to safeguard the future of Southern Sandstone and will seek to protect both the crag environment and the right to climb on it.

The trust was formed in 2010 with the purpose of generating a fund that could be used to maintain both the condition of and access to the Sandstone outcrops of Kent and Sussex, known as Southern Sandstone. The trust is funded 100% by donation and fundraising.

To find out more about how the Trust was formed and how to donate please visit the WEBSITE or FACEBOOK PAGE or alternativly read the BMC article here.

The Steve Durkin Sandstone Trusts “Sandstone Bulletin", The main publication of the Steve Durkin Sandstone Trust, published in printed form and available from climbing outlets, shops and Climbing Walls locally can be downloaded HERE