Monday 3 February 2014

High Rocks Volunteer Day - 1st February 2014 - Report

A big thank you to everyone who volunteered their time and efforts at High Rocks on the weekend of the 1st Feb 2014.

Although the grounds were very wet and muddy, the rain held off until the afternoon.
The Rhododendrons on the edges of the crags have been cut back in a number of areas. Sycamore and birch saplings from the lower slope of the northern end of the crag were also cut and cleared, and the bush at the base of advertisement wall has been cut right back giving access to the base of the climbs there.

The next meet is at Bull's Hollow on Saturday 22nd February 2014.

The Sandstone Volunteer Group plan to clear the scrub below the crag and also on the crag itself, and maybe some of the greener routes can be brought back to life.

There have been recent discussions on why the volunteer group volunteer their work for free when High Rocks have gardeners.  The simple answer is that High Rocks is on private land, and although there is a charge to climb there and visit, we are fortunate that we are allowed to climb there in the first place. High Rocks do have their own gardeners and they make sure the gardens and surrounding areas look pretty and well kept for visitors and weddings, but this work does not go to the extent that completely benefits climbers.  So if climbers want to climb there, then we have to maintain the condition of the rocks and surrounding plant life as part of an agreed maintenance program organised by the SVG. 

A good article can be found on UKC called: "Why Pay to Climb at High Rocks".