Bolts at Harrison's Rocks and Stone Farm are funded by the BMC and installed and tested by members of the HRMG or those appointed by them.

The Harrison's Rock Management Group test and inspect those bolts once every 3 years. This involves weighting each bolt while closely observing them for movement. 

You must never attempt to place bolts yourself. 


If you encounter any problems with bolts on Sandstone or have any questions then, please  email the BMC:

Call: 0161 438 3309 

Bolts at other crags have been installed through prior arrangement and are installed and monitored by authorised personel.  Bowles Rocks undertakes its own program of bolt installation and testing.

Please note that bolts used on sandstone are much longer than your average sport climbing bolt and are often installed with an additional backup bolt.

 Excerpt from the Southern Sandstone Climbs Rockfax Guide.

"There are many bolts on sandstone and all of them have been placed purely as top-rope anchors at the top of crags. There are no bolts actually on routes and they are never used to protect lead climbing.

Bolts on sandstone should not be regarded in the same way as bolts for leading climbing on limestone or other rock types. The softness of the rock means that there are special requirements when placing the bolts and they must not be used for any purpose other than setting up top-ropes. They are not designed for slacklines, zip wires or via ferrata. Excessive force placed on a bolt in the wrong direction may end up with the rock surrounding it failing and exploding in a sandy mess.