New Routes and Boulder Problems

New route information should be submitted using the UKC logbook system which can be accessed by clicking on the crag of your choice below, Ensure you are logged in and then scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking "+ add a missing climb". We will then list the entries on this page.
  1. Bowles Rocks
  2. Eridge Rocks
  3. Harrison's Rocks
  4. High Rocks
  5. High Rocks Annexe
  6. Happy Valley
  7. Bull's Hollow
  8. Toad Rocks
  9. Mount Edgcumbe Rocks
  10. Basset's Farm Rocks
  11. Under Rockes
  12. Stone Farm


Information Required:

Route or Problem Name:     Make sure this information is accurate and also does not conflict with a name already in use on Southern Sandstone.

Grade:     Please now use French grades and make a note of the British technical grade in the description. The font grade is to be used for boulder problems.

Description:     As much detail as possible of the route including its location at the crag etc.

Name:     Of the first ascensionist.

Date:     Of the first ascent.

As of 1st March 2017, the new routes book previously situated at Evolution Climbing wall has now been reclassified as a historical document and will be kept by the HRMG. It will not be updated neither recognised as a source of future new routes information. Recording your first ascent information via UKC is more beneficial to authors as well as the general public who can then confirm if a route or problem has been done before.
F = French grade
f = font grade 

22/12/2018 Unclimbed Wall Superdirect (Eliminate) - F6c, UK 6a - FA J.Dugdale - Harrison's Rocks

04/11/2018 Grants Stand - F7A - FA S.Harris - Harrison's Rocks

22/10/2018 Brutus Maximus - f8a - FA P.Wycislik - Eridge Rocks - Video

19/10/2018 Suffer and Demanding - f7C - FA B.Read - Harrison's Rocks

18/10/2018 Monkey Ring - f7A - FA S.Harris - Harrisons Rocks - Video

14/10/2018 Fully Unclimbed Traverse - f6C - J.Dugdale - Harrison's Rocks

17/09/2018 Milestone Reach - f6C - FA B.Read - Stone Farm

31/08/2018 Egkrateia - f7B+ - FA T.Gore - Toad Rocks - Video

21/08/2018 The Overlooked - f6B - FA T.Gore - Toad Rocks - Video

21/08/2018 Forgotten Arete - f6A+ - FA T.Gore - Toad Rocks - Video

05/08/2018 Venomoid (Snake Charmer Eliminate) - f6B - FA T.Mill - Toad Rocks

24/07/2018 Read Rage - f8A+ - FA B.Read - Eridge Rocks - Video

12/07/2018 Goat Round - f8A - FA B.Read - Eridge Rocks - Video

12/07/2018 Jack Weak - f6C+ - FA B.Read - Eridge Rocks - Video

10/07/2018 Lazy Sanday - Sit Start - f6B+ -  FA P.Wycislik - Toad Rock

10/07/2018 Lazy Sanday - f6A -  FA P.Wycislik - Toad Rocks

10/07/2018 Dirty Dancing - f6C - FA P.Wycislik - Toad Rocks

10/07/2018 An Upheel Battle Sit Start - f6C - FA S.Warren - Toad Rocks

09/07/2018 The Reverse Line f7C+ - FA B.Read - Eridge Rocks

09/07/2018 Team Weak - f7B - FA B.Read and P.Wycislik - Toad Rocks

06/07/2018 Maybe When Eli’s Older - f7C - FA B.Read - Bowles Rocks - Video

30/06/2018 Roofus - f7A - FA P.Wycislik - Toad Rock - Video

26/06/2018 Venom - Sit Start (Snake Charmer Eliminate) - f6C - FA S.Warren - Toad Rocks - Video

26/06/2018 Nipple Rash - Sit Start - f6C - FA S.Warren - Eridge Rocks

30/06/2018 Truth Doesn't Make a Noise - f6A - FA P.Wycislik - Toad Rock

23/06/2018 Amstel - f7A - FA P.Wycislik - Toad Rock

23/06/2018 City on a Hill - f6C - FA T.Gore - Toad Rocks - Video

23/06/2018 Mitre - f7A+ - FA T.Gore - Toad Rocks - Video

24/06/2018 Mosquito Bite - F6a+ - FA D.Beail - Harrison's Rocks

17/06/2018 Spicy Chilli - f6C+ - FA T.Gore - Toad Rocks - Video

10/06/2018 Gwains' Awete - F6b+ - FA G.Plenary - Harrison's Rocks

16/06/2018 RSVP - UK 6a - FA R.Whitehouse - Harrison's Rocks

14/06/2018 Dinky Arete - UK 6b - FA H.Westaway - Eridge Rocks

03/06/2018 The Press - f7A - FA T.Gore - Mount Edgcumbe Rocks - Video

23/05/2018 Brutus - f7C+ - FA P.Wycislik - Eridge Rocks - Video

23/05/2018 Darkness - f7A - FA P.Wycislik - Eridge Rocks - Video

19/05/2018 It's Easier Round the Back- f5 - FA J.Shewring - Toad Rocks - Video

18/05/2018 Read Between the Lines - f7B+ - FA B.Read - Eridge Rocks - Video

17/05/2018 Karate Kid - f7A - FA Rhys Whitehouse - Harrison's Rocks

17/05/2018 Velcro Reach - f7A - FA B.Read - Eridge Rocks - Video

12/05/2018 Hardlip - f7B - FA P.Wycislik - Eridge Rocks

09/05/2018 The Phantom Shitter Strikes Again - f7B+ - FA R.Whitehouse - Eridge Rocks

07/05/2018 Eli's Wall - f6B - FA B.Read - Eridge Rocks - Video

07/05/2018 Eridge Lip Traverse - f7A+ - FA B.Read - Eridge Rocks

06/05/2018 I Can Only Imagine - f6C -  FA T.Gore - Happy Valley - Video

24/04/2018 The Lion's Head - Sit Start - f7B - FA P.Wycislik - Toad Rock - Video

15/04/2018 Cub Arete - f7B - FA T.Gore - Toad Rocks - Video

18/12/2017 Narrenturn - f7B+ - FA Peter Wycislik - Eridge Rocks - Video

16/04/2017 Fake News - F6b+ / UK 5c - FA D.Davies - Harrison's Rocks

14/04/2017 Mori Madness - f5 - FA H.Trewhitt - Happy Valley

00/07/2017 Compo and the String Belt - f5 - FA A.Ham - Happy Valley

02/04/2017 West Wall Shorty - f4+ - FA H.Trewhitt - Happy Valley

24/02/2017 Stuck In Traverse - f6A - FA H.Trewhitt - Happy Valley

00/00/2017 Bonington - f5+ - FA Unknown - Bowles Rocks

23/03/2014 Snuffler's Slab - F7b+ - FA T.Kershaw - Stone Farm

10/03/2012 Reach for the Dead - Campus - f6B - FA Peter Wycislik - Happy Valley - Video
(Originally named "Happy Warm Up" but unfortunately not reported)

Your new routes and problems are important!

Your first ascents are part of history which is why it needs recording and protecting. This is why
recording them on UKC is the best way forward. This can be done from anywhere, using a personal computer or mobile device. It's more beneficial to the sandstone climbing community who can instantly see if a route or problem has been done before. The information is checked by voluntary moderators, and those who submit new routes can be contacted for further clarification if needed. New route data on UKC is digitally backed-up and also listed on the Sandstone New Routes Page. Recording your problem and uploading to YouTube also helps clarify your ascents. The information can be used by guidebook authors and climbers alike and is available to all.

It's worth noting that paper new route books (globally) are in rapid decline, rarely used these days and are a very localised thing. They are unfortunately only situated in one location, often with restricted access between certain opening times. They are vulnerable to being lost/stolen or even worse destroyed in a fire of which years of hand written records are lost. Also, information recorded in these books can sometimes be eligible and no forward contact information left, as well as only being checked once in a blue moon.

Recording routes on other websites is possible but is potentially risky, as more often that not, these sites are poorly maintained and information is often overlooked, resulting in lost first ascent data for future guidebooks.

If you do record information elsewhere for some reason, then please also ensure you list it on UKC to help other climbers know about your ascent and keep the information in one place. Unfortunately, if not then we won't know about it for quite some time, resulting in someone else potentially registering the first ascent of your route. Also it won't show up in the new routes list here for quite some time.

Does UKC own new route information?

Alan James - Managing Director of UKClimbing Limited had this to say on the subject.

UKClimbing Logbook data comes from a variety of sources and the copyright of that data remains with the individual, or company, that originated it. The grades and star votes are decided by user votes and have no overall copyright. Some logbook entries have a description field marked ©Rockfax. This means that the data came from a Rockfax guidebook author. It also has a second description field which is where users upload descriptions. This data remains the property of the person who uploaded it, and that information is retained in the database administration fields, but in reality user uploaded descriptions have no overall copyright. Recently a new system has been established to allow us to attribute a third party to the main description field with a copyright symbol. This is so that we can work with third parties and protect their copyright. We are working towards establishing a proper Creative Commons licence for UKC logbook and hope to have this properly established in the next year.