New Routes and Boulder Problems

New route information should be submitted by sending a message via our Facebook page with a link to your new UKC logbook entry which can be accessed by clicking on the crag of your choice below. We will then list the entries on this page.
  1. Bowles Rocks
  2. Eridge Rocks
  3. Harrison's Rocks
  4. High Rocks
  5. High Rocks Annexe
  6. Happy Valley
  7. Bull's Hollow
  8. Toad Rocks
  9. Mount Edgcumbe Rocks
  10. Basset's Farm Rocks
  11. Under Rockes
  12. Stone Farm


Information Required:

Route or Problem Name:     Make sure this information is accurate and also does not conflict with a name already in use on Southern Sandstone.

Grade:     Please now use French grades and make a note of the British technical grade in the description. The font grade is to be used for boulder problems.

Description:     As much detail as possible of the route including its location at the crag etc.

Name:     Of the first ascensionist.

Date:     Of the first ascent.

As of 1st March 2017, the new routes book previously situated at Evolution Climbing wall has now been reclassified as a historical document and will be kept by the HRMG. It will not be updated neither recognised as a source of future new routes information. Recording your first ascent information via UKC is more beneficial to authors as well as the general public who can then confirm if a route or problem has been done before.
F = French grade
f = font grade

18/12/2017 Narrenturn - f7b+ - FA Peter Wycislik - Eridge Rocks - Video


Previous new routes are now in the Rockfax Southern Sandstone Climbs guidebook.