Sandstone Volunteers Group (SVG)

The Sandstone Volunteers Group includes climbers who have an interest in maintaining the rock and environment of the sandstone crags in Kent and East Sussex by:

  • Encouraging good practice which will prevent the heavy wear and tear to which the rock has been subjected over many years.
  • Carrying out work to clear overgrowth. 
  • Repairing damaged rock, discouraging graffiti and other damage.
  • Recognising and protecting unique areas of rock where botanical or geological SSSI status could threaten future access.
  • Encouraging participation in projects as they arise by enlisting the help of professionals, voluntary bodies and the climbing community.
  • Creating sustainable use of this unique climbing area through maintaining good relationships with the owners and custodians of the crags.

The Sandstone Volunteering Group have been working hard throughout the winter months carrying out work to clear overgrowth, clearing ground after tree felling, repairing footpaths and creating boundaries and access. It's a chance to get together to socialise with like-minded people, keep fit and get work done so future generations can have access to the beautiful sandstone crags.

Harrison’s rocks are owned by the BMC and are
undergoing a lot of restoration and repair.  There are many trees that block out sunlight which is essential to keeping the crag dry. The woodland management plan which is agreed by the Forestry Commission is to reduce the number of trees in phases. Managing the woodland would protect the crag environment, give better views for walkers across the valley, and regenerate the health of the woodland to support more fauna and flora.
More information on the Woodland Management Plan can be found in this UKC article HERE

So join in and get involved!
The SVG website www.sandstonevolunteers.org.uk has further information
along with their SVG facebook page

Harrison's Volunteers Weekend November 2014

Phase 1 - November / December 2012
Tree Felling in progress during the winter months at Harrison's Rocks