Monday 31 May 2021

Harrison's Rocks - Bolting 30.05.2021

On the 30th of May 2021 further bolting work took place to remove a number of bolts with issues such as ones which have become loose or need attention as well as installing new sets also.

1. Ejector - Eyelet Wall - RF Page 180
The rear bolt which was eroding was cut, removed and replaced. This is one of the few bolts which gets slightly submerged due to foliage braking down over time due to its location.  

2. Rotten Stump Wall - Rotten Stump Wall - RF Page 185
New Bolts to protect routes on this side off the wall. Some clearing work was required to help bring life back to some of these climbs. Work is still required to the left of this route to help open things up fully to enable cleaner top-outs.  

3. Directors/Giant's Ear - Pig Tail Slabs - RF Page 207
A new set of bolts on the lower wall to help protect the climbs below which previously was only protectable from the very top and caused ropes to cut the lower lip when set up. This completes the bolting of Pig Tail Slab, making this area a more appealing and assessable climbing area for all as well as helping reduce erosion. 

4. Small Wall - Circle Area - RF Page 213
A much needed addition to the Circle Area now protecting climbs Small Wall and Long Stretch. 


5. Belts and Braces - Wellington Boot - RF Page 231
The rear bolt was removed due to twisting which was causing the rock around it to destabilise. New bolt was installed and angled to protect the climbs Wellington Boot and Kicks also . 

6. Unclimbed Wall - Unclimbed Wall - RF Page 266
The rear bolt was removed on this popular line and replaced due to twisting.