Tuesday 18 March 2014

Update - Harrison's facilities to open in March 2014

The time is almost here when the Harrison's toilet facilities will be ready. The season has now started at Birchden Woods and Harrison's Rocks as the weather starts to get warm and dry. The toilets are now urgently needed to be completed as people start to venture out to go climbing, walking and camping.

The electrics have been replaced and the roof is finally repaired. The project was delayed due to the unusually stormy and wet winter we have had, but is soon to be ready for the public to use. Repairs have also been made to some areas of the car park.

The plan is for the toilets to be completed for Thursday 20th March 2014
(Completion date is subject to final checks, so please don't take this date as set in stone).

UPDATE (24th March 2014) 

There has been a slight delay but if all goes well the building should be handed back in time for this weekend.