Thursday 26 March 2015

Solution for Isolated Buttress - Harrison's Rocks

Example: Wooden Bridge
Isolated Buttress
With the current access to the Isolated Buttress being a major issue, (i.e its now extremely difficult to access as well as escape from the buttress), the HRMG have been working very hard to find a resolution to the situation. Something that is within keeping with the local environment as well as safe. With many ideas being thrown into the pot as well as thrown out (all ideas have been assessed for their pros and cons) with the inevitable conclusion being to install a bridge. 

The HRMG have released this statement:

"Since the unsafe boulder previously used as a jump across to the Isolated Buttress was removed, and following a visit from Ian Nettleton, a well-qualified engineer/geologist used by the BMC for advice on such matters, a decision has been made by the Harrison’s Rocks Management Group (HRMG) for the solution to maintain access to this popular climbing area. After discussion amongst themselves along with the climbing community, the points to consider in finding a solution were:

1. The safety of any means of future access.

2. The importance of preventing any reason for people to lower-off or to belay using moving ropes over the buttress (which would cause considerable damage to the fragile sandstone rocks).

3. The advice from Ian Nettleton that the long-term stability of the large boulder used by Boulder Bridge Route could be affected by the large amount of traffic that it would get if we adopted any of the options using the boulder.

The HRMG have decided that the only viable solution to meet these criteria is to build a bridge across the gap. This will be installed at the earliest opportunity. "
The current state of the old step across to Isolated Buttress