Thursday 12 October 2017

Isolated Buttress - October 2017 Update

After the removal of the block three years ago (on genuine safety grounds), which previously enabled  climbers from making a short step to and from the Isolated Buttress, and two additional years of monitoring the situation, the HRMG have now entered an extended period of discussions. This is to evaluate all the evidence in detail and to establish an appropriate course of action regarding access and erosion prevention for the buttress. 

A more focused Sandstone Open Meeting was held on 8th October 2017, where views were aired and noted by the HRMG, as well as the acknowledgement of emails sent in, and the south-east
voting poll that was conducted in 2015.
The Isolated Buttress is an important subject matter for the HRMG, and the matter is being taken very seriously in order to ensure the best possible course of action is taken concerning access and conservation for the buttress.