Thursday 7 June 2018

What's going on at Eridge?

For many people new to sandstone, they may not realise that Eridge was once banned for a prolonged period. This  ended in the late 90s and the BMC helped put in place an access agreement when the rocks were purchased by the Sussex Wildlife Trust. This enabled climbing to take place 
                                 at the rocks.

In short, we as climbers must do everything we can to help protect Eridge and adhere to the rules. This includes using minimal chalk and taking extra care, as some areas of Eridge have softer rock in places. Repetitive cleaning especially with the use of inappropriate brushes will eat away at the surface.

Bouldering mastermind, Ben Read, has been down at Eridge recently and has noticed a number of poorly treated broken holds which have been badly repaired, leaving the rock unsightly and this is a problem. It is asked that people do not repair holds at Eridge or other crags, and if you do see a hold that needs repairing or is damaged, then please contact the BMC or drops us a quick Facebook message so we can notify the appropriate people. We all want to continue to enjoy climbing at Eridge so please help protect it.