Thursday 3 January 2019

Isolated Buttress - The Full LMG Report

The BMC posted a news story on the 20 December 2018 concerning the Land Management Group's report regarding access to the Isolated Buttress at Harrison's Rocks.

As many of you know, there was an additional meeting in October 2018 of which the LMG (Land Management Group) undertook a site visit to view the Isolated Buttress and attended a special open meeting with the sandstone community. The LMG met with the climbing public to discuss the issue at hand and hear any extra arguments regarding the bridge installation decision made by the Harrison's Rocks Management Group (HRMG). They took into consideration any potentially overlooked solutions, so they could form a final decision on the matter.

After hearing and taking into account all views, the LMG spent time considering all suggestions and came to the conclusion to endorse the decision made by the HRMG back in December 2017, to build a bridge.

A comprehensive report is now available to download which shows the detail behind the final decision.

Photo: © Daimon Beail