Tuesday 16 June 2020

Harrison's Rocks - Busiest Day on Record? - 14.06.2020

It was crazy town on Sunday at Harrison's Rocks and many other climbing areas across the country, but in particular Harrison's Rocks was extremely overcrowded in places. 

Social distancing was being ignored particularly at north boulder where the entire boulder was surrounded by pads and approximately 20 people gathered together. Other areas of the crag were densely populated. Although there were an enormous amount of people that day, there were only a hand-full of bad rope setup violations which was good news but over at Stone Farm there was one very dangerous setup of the swaging (the metal cable that connects the two bolts). Please do not do this or thread ropes directly through the bolts or have them running over the edge.

Additionally, we ask climbers to refrain from soloing as well at this time. Although Solo climbing is permitted on sandstone, the rock is very unpredictable and incidents do happen, resulting in major rescue operations and place others at risk. 

It's important to remember that you can only travel to the crags with members of your own household. You must stay 2 metres from anyone else outside your household where possible. 

WE ARE IN A PANDEMIC so please respect this, as if we experience an increase in the outbreak then we will have to close the rocks and indoor walls will remain closed for longer. 

Work together, make COVID a thing of the past and enjoy yourself in a safe way.