Wednesday 14 October 2020

Harrison's Campsite Closure and Winter Carpark Times

Harrison's Campsite
Kate Harris at Forestry England gave the following statement regarding the campsite
closure in 2020.

"Unfortunately the campsite at Birchden will remain closed for 2020 but we hope to welcome you back in 2021.

The decision to keep the campsite closed has been a difficult one, and we understand how disappointing this news has been. It is important to us that when you stay at Birchden, you can do so safely and enjoyably and this is something we feel we would be unable to deliver this year.

Please note that camping is not permitted within the wider woodland due to the negative impact it poses for wildlife".

Please visit the website for current information.

It's safe to say that climbers are extremely grateful for the way that Forestry England has managed the campsite, carpark and toilet facilities since they took over management back in 2015. The closure of the campsite is completely understandable and necessary and we ask that no further requests be made to Forestry England concerning it's reopening this year or early next year due to the pandemic we are in. Please help support Forestry England when climbing and ensure you abide by all opening times, do not stay overnight and ensure to pay for the parking.   

Harrison's Carpark
As the clocks are changing at the end of the month, the carpark gates will be locked. From the 25th October 2020, the car park will be locked at 5pm.

Kate Harris - Forestry England - "I appreciate that this may cause an issue for some who like to climb the rocks at night but it is also when we are likely to start experiencing anti-social behaviour.”