Tuesday 19 April 2022

Harrison's Rocks Bolting Upgrade Work 2022 - Stage 3

Work continued on 03.04.2022 where further bolts were removed and clearance and repair work undertaken. 

The following routes had bolts installed to replace some of those removed on the 27.03.2022. 

Installs on 03.04.2022
  1. Birch Tree Crack   - Both Bolts 
  2. Senarra                 - Both Bolts
  3. Baskerville            - Back Bolt
  4. Elementary           - Back Bolt

Please note that routes with single bolts which are taped off will require alternative methods for setting up top ropes. If a setup method is not available then please treat the climb as temporarily closed.  
The BMC is now undertaking further assessments of bolts that may require replacement or relocation, and as such, some further climbs may need alternative methods for setting up if bolts have been removed or only taped single bolts are in place. 

Work to replace some further bolts removed is currently on hold until additional work is undertaken. 

Sossblitz will remain closed. Please avoid utilising other bolts to rig this line.