Sunday 30 October 2022

Winter Returns

Winter Season conditions tend to be applied between:

1st November and the 31st March.

Conditions in the winter season tend to mean that much of the rock is out of condition. Damp and often saturated in parts. Dry and climbable rock is often limited and restricted to certain more open areas. As such the following advice should be adhered to. 
  • Only climb on properly dry rock – this will usually take multiple days of dry weather in a row before a visit, and even then nothing is guaranteed.
  • If you are unsure, leave climbing for another day. It might be frustrating to travel only to find the crag isn’t in condition, but we all need to have the long term sustainability of the crags in mind. Once holds are snapped or damaged, they cannot be replaced.
  • Always follow the guidance in the Sandstone Code of Practice to ensure you have an enjoyable climb and do your bit to protect these amazing but fragile sandstone crags."