Thursday 11 April 2024

Birchden Wood (Harrison's Rocks) Introducing ANPR (UPDATE)

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) is being introduced to the Birchden Wood car park this Friday 26th April 2024

Used by climbers and walkers the car park offers some unique facilities, including toilets and washing up facilities as well as an area for campers. It is also one of the most expensive car parks to run for Forestry England. 

The car park and facilities were taken on by Forestry England over 10 years ago back in March 2014 and significant improvements have been made to the car park, roads and facilities. Without it, climbers and walkers would be in a very different situation regarding access and amenities. 

The parking charges help fund the facilities, though unfortunately there are some reports of people not paying. This new system will help enforce parking fees and theoretically camping as those staying overnight must pay the appropriate fees also.

The new parking charges are as follows and are the first price increase seen in many years. 

Up to 1hr = £1.50 (Car) - £2.00 (Van)

Up to 4hrs = £4.00 (Car) - £5.00 (Van)

Up to 10hrs = £6.00 (Car) - £8.00 (Van)

Up to 24hrs = £12.00 (Car) - £16.00 (Van) - (Summer Season Only)

Other updates:

  • The site will be cashless.
  • No charge for motorbikes
  • There is a 15-minute grace period, so if people are being dropped off/picked up they should be fine.
  • Pay at the machine or use Ringo on arrival. If they have paid via the machine but realise they’re going to overrun their time they can pay via Ringo from the rocks.

Through this system, it is hoped that it will support better income for the car park and facilities and help keep them open for all to use.  

Prices can be found on the Forestry England website and those who visit regularly may want to purchase a yearly parking pass (which does not include camping). For more information please Click here.

For updated camping booking Click here.

More information can be found on the Harrison's Rocks page.