Under Rockes, with its unusual spelling, is a secluded outcrop situated in the woods to the west of the village of Mayfield. The best time to visit is spring or autumn when there are fewer leaves on the trees so sunlight can get through to dry the rock. There is a good selection of routes here with the main wall that has a number of some of the best routes at Under Rockes and many of them in the harder grade spectrum.  
If visiting here, it is best to go in pairs or very small groups, as the crag is on private land and the owner is currently unknown. If asked to leave, please do so politely.

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 Car Park - Road - Please do not park in front of the long wooden fence bordering the houses.

Access Issues - There have been access problems in 2021 due to parking and litter, please park well away from the house and remove all litter from the crag and path leading to it. 
Report of a loose tree above Uganda wall. Please be aware that it may be unsafe to attach ropes to and climb at your own risk. 

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Due to the rock having only a thin outer layer, the rock is very fragile and can only be soloed or top-roped.  Lead climbing is prohibited and placing trad gear would easily rip out and damage the rock. There is a CODE OF PRACTICE for climbers that should be read before climbing and setting up top-ropes.