Thursday 4 July 2013

Sandstone Open Meeting Update 2013

UKC recently published article by Emma Harrington about the Sandstone Open Meeting Update.

The Full article on UKC can be read here
Sunday 12th May saw the first of this year’s Southern Sandstone Open Meeting held at Bowles Rocks.
A couple of times a year climbers from across the south east of England get together to discuss all things sandstone.  Some of the Sandstone outcrops are owned by the BMC, so they work together to manage any issues.

Hot topics include:
  • Harrison's Rocks and the future of the campsite and toilet facilities
  • High Rocks - would you like climbers in the background of your wedding photographs? and why we need to pay to climb at High Rocks
  • Woodland Management & Sandstone Volunteering Group
  • Bolt Testing and Inspections due this summer
Full UKC Article
    High Rocks