There are a number of ways which you can get involved and volunteer your time when it comes to Southern Sandstone.  The most consistent events since December 2012 is the clear up work needed for the Woodland Management Plan. These are now known as BMC work days and by signing up to email news letters, social media or staying tuned to Southern Sandstone Climbs, you can be kept informed of when these things happen. Other events at non BMC crags also occasionally take place and are undertaken by a variety of groups, mainly the Sandstone Volunteering Group, Sussex Wildlife Trust and the Tunbridge Wells Commons Conservators.

You can get involved with other items such as general rock repairs, path and clearance work, crag clearance and resin work.  

Please note that no work of any kind should be undertaken at any crags without authorisation or consent. If in doubt, email access@thebmc.co.uk and they will point you in the right direction.

BMC Work Days Email Notifications
To be notified by email you will need to sign up to the BMC London and South East newsletter. When items concerning BMC events come up, they will be advertised here.

BMC Work Days Online Notifications
Events are also advertised on our social media and website.

Harrison’s rocks are owned by the BMC and are
undergoing a lot of restoration and repair.  There are many trees that block out sunlight which is essential to keeping the crag dry. The woodland management plan, which is agreed by the Forestry Commission, is to reduce the number of trees in phases. Managing the woodland would protect the crag environment, give better views for walkers across the valley, and regenerate the health of the woodland to support more fauna and flora.
More information on the Woodland Management Plan can be found in this UKC article HERE 

The Steve Durkin Sandstone Trust
The Steve Durkin Sandstone Trust is to safeguard the future of Southern Sandstone and will seek to protect both the crag environment and the right to climb on it.

The trust was formed in 2011 with the purpose of generating a fund that could be used to maintain both the condition of and access to the Sandstone outcrops of Kent and Sussex, known as Southern Sandstone. The trust is funded 100% by donations and fundraising. 

To find out more about how the Trust was formed and how to donate please visit the WEBSITE or FACEBOOK PAGE or alternatively read the BMC article here.



Harrison's Volunteers Weekend November 2014

Phase 1 - November / December 2012
Tree Felling in progress during the winter months at Harrison's Rocks