Monday 7 October 2013

Open Meeting Report - Sunday 6th October 2013

Sunday 6th October 2013 saw the autumn Sandstone Open Meeting that was attended by a much larger number of people than in previous years. The main topic revolved around the toilet block at Harrison’s as well as the up and coming volunteering work that needs to take place at Harrisons, High Rocks and Bulls Hollow. With new attendees offering new and inspiring ideas to the
community, a possible official and purposeful solution to the toilet bock situation looks very much on the cards, with progress being made with a high percentage of certainty that a solution may be met. At present the camping is closed due to the closure of the toilet block at Harrison’s, but problems are occurring with individuals ignoring the no camping signs and illegally camping at the rocks. A volunteer group has been assembled with the intention to temporary reinstate the toilet block facility by carrying out their own survey and report about the repair work that needs doing. The Parish Council is now involved and is working alongside the Harrison's Management Group with the intention to try and keep the toilet block open, but this issue is still on-going and uncertain at this stage.

A number of websites were announced along with the good work of those running a number of social media pages.

Although new media and websites were met with criticism and speculation, it was with the official announcement of Southern Sandstone Climbs that people could see that its purpose would benefit the sandstone climbing comunity and those additional sites working towards a common goal. SSC is the central point of information and the gateway to the other websites such as the Sandstone Volunteering Group (SVG), the Steve Durkin Sandstone Trust (SDST), as well as  beneficial new media pages.

Resin work was discussed and an idea of a resin training day was put forward so volunteers, who would like to help with this, can do so in the correct way.

Bolt testing at Harrison’s Rocks has been completed for this year with approx 180 bolts tested. The volunteers who gave their time to carry this out were thanked.

How to purchase season tickets for Bowles was discussed. The cost is £30 for the year and this can be paid over the phone or by visiting the office during office hours.

Coming Up:
The next phase of the Woodland Management at Harrison’s Rocks is to start this winter, with trees being cut below Isolated Buttress.  Volunteers are needed on the weekend of 30th November and 1st December 2013.

The Steve Durkin Sandstone Trust - Ensuring Sandstone Climbing's Future

The Steve Durkin Sandstone Trust was formed in 2011 with the purpose of generating a fund that could be used to maintain both the condition of and access to the Wealden Sandstone outcrops of Kent and Sussex, also known to many as ‘Southern Sandstone’. The trust aims to fund projects that will benefit sandstone and also maintain the condition of the crags. The trust is funded 100% by donation and fundraising. If you have any projects you want to pursue that will benefit sandstone, please get in touch with the Steve Durkin Sandstone Trust as they may be able to provide funding.

More information about the trust, how it was formed and to make donations can be found on their website:

The full minutes of this meeting will be available to view soon on the BMC website.