Tuesday 1 July 2014

Fire at Harrison's Rocks

On the 17th of May a fire which was caused by a BBQ at the top of Sewer Wall caused significant damage to the area. The rock has unfortunately been shattered by the heat on top of the crag and sparks from the BBQ  which blew across the top of the crag ignited a small yew tree and rhododendron at the top of the gully between Starlight and Tempestivity. The fire spread for a couple of metres around this area and halfway down the gully. In addition another smaller area was burned on the other side of where the BBQ was situated. Reports are that the fire brigade attended the site to deal and put out the fire.

In light of this incident and in addition to the no fires rule at Harrison, it is important to note that this very much includes BBQs. Anyone who is found using a BBQ at Harrison's will be asked to extinguish it immediately.