Tuesday 26 May 2015

Access Issue - Protecting Isolated Buttress - Harrison's Rocks

At the last Sandstone Open Meeting and Harrison's Rocks Management Group Meeting (HRMG) which
were held on Sunday 17th May, the main item for discussion was the Isolated Buttress. There were strong opposition from a selected few to building a bridge, so therefore the HRMG have decided to assess the situation throughout the summer, then decide on the outcome at the next meetings which are due to be held in October 2015. It was agreed that anyone climbing the routes on Isolated Buttress were not to abseil back down from the top as this damages the rock, but to find an alternative way down (at their own risk) that does not breach the code of practice or cause any potential damage to the rocks.

It has been recently reported that numerous climbers have been seen abseiling back down after completing a route. Again this is against the Sandstone Code of Practice which is in place to protect this fragile rock. If you cannot find an alternative route back down then please do not climb any routes on Isolated Buttress. Signs have been put in place and if you see anyone abseiling back down from the top, then please refer them to the Code of Practice and if they do not cooperate then please report to the BMC who can then collate information then send onto the HRMG. Alternatively please email us via our Facebook page. 

A poll has been created to get a broader idea if climbers think a bridge is a good idea or not. You can register your vote here. Please note that the results of this vote will not necessarily be the final outcome.