Thursday 4 June 2015

High Rocks Access 2015 - Current Situation

High Rocks is situated on privately owned land and the current access situation is very fragile.  Local activists  and the BMC are in the process of negotiating with the land owner about access arrangements for the future.

The final access arrangements have not yet been completely finalised, although potential rules and prices have been distributed, it is advised that climbers try to avoid this crag until it has been fully agreed and confirmed with the BMC and land owners. Further talks with the BMC may well be held next week, so although slim, rules and requirements  may possibly change slightly to help support access to the rocks in the future.

Current Situation
Climbing is still allowed and if you must climb there then the current rules must be obeyed by everyone, in particular boulderers, as there have been reports of climbers/boulderers not being cooperative. At the moment bouldering is only allowed from Monday to Thursday and for any top rope climbing at the weekend please arrive before 11:30am or after 5:30pm. This is due to wedding parties being in the grounds and around the patio area near the bar. Please sign-in and pay at the lower bar and please respect the owners wishes and be polite to staff if asked to show your ticket. Please also move out of the area if a wedding is taking place (particularly Nemesis area), keep noise and the use of chalk to a minimum, so all climbers can continue to climb in this beautiful location.

Once firmer plans and BMC access information are in place we are not officially confirming any new access agreements until the relevant information is finalised. Price information will primarily be as stated below.

Yearly Membership: £50
Daily Ticket for members' guests: £7.50

Daily Ticket (until 5:30pm) £10
Evening Ticket (after 5:30pm) £6

We will publish access agreements once they have been finalised along with a reference point for up to date access information.