Saturday 19 December 2015

Harrison's Rocks - Isolated Buttress Update

A decision has been reached regarding the isolated buttress access issue. As you all may be aware by now, the access to the isolated buttress is no longer safe to step across so the HRMG have been working with the BMC to come up with a solution to the access problem.

Many different ideas have been taken into consideration and the main contenders come down to either build a bridge, have a permanent to fixed rope across the wedged boulder or do nothing. Build a bridge was the most popular idea with the online poll results showing as 75% in favour of a bridge, 20% against a bridge and 5% not minding either way. This was with a total of 174 people participating in the poll from lots of areas within Kent and London. Although these results showed a high percentage of people in favour of a bridge, it was also made clear in the Sandstone Open Meetings that there was still strong opposition from local climbers.

It’s been proposed for the time being to continue to assess the situation and leave the access problem alone whilst keeping a very close eye on the jammed boulder for any movement. If the situation changes, whereby damage is caused to the rock by lowering off or abseiling, or if there is any deterioration to the wedged boulder then the BMC will not hesitate to install a bridge.

Climbers will have to use their own ropes to get across to the buttress or solo. Any ropes put in place will need to be taken down at the end of the day as the BMC accepts no liability for the safety of any ropes left in situ. Any ropes that are left in place will be taken down for safety reasons.