Thursday 11 June 2020

Evening Climbing Only - Bowles Rocks - 12.06.2020

Bowles Outdoor Centre is beginning to open its doors again with a phase return to climbing on Friday 12th June 2020.

Don’t rush out just yet as there are some important rules and information to follow, so please read.

  1. Evening Climbing only between 17.30 and 21:00. No climbing is permitted during the day in order to safeguard the day courses which Bowles runs.
  2. Admission is £5.
  3. Payment by contactless card only. NO CASH.
  4. All season ticket holder memberships will be extended by 2 months at this time.
  5. Bowles are currently not selling anymore season tickets at this time until normality returns.
  6. No climbing on or past the Chalet Slab in order to protect the resident staff. This means that there is no climbing on the Ski Slope Boulders (RF Page 68 & 69) and Chalet Slab Area (RF Page 70 & 71)
  7. All climbers must follow BMC COVID guidelines. People not doing so will be asked to leave. 
  8. Liquid chalk strongly encouraged where possible.
It must be emphasised that if social distancing and hand-washing is observed, Bowles will keep evening sessions running until such a time restrictions are able to ease further.  If not, then they will be forced to suspend climbing again until further notice.

Please help support Bowles in these COVID times. Keep your distance and Pay up. All proceedings go back into the rocks and the centre itself, who in return support thousands of children and young people from all backgrounds and walks of life with their personal developments through the power of the outdoors.