Wednesday 3 June 2020

Southern Sandstone Bouldering - BMC Video

The BMC have released a fantastic new video which was shot earlier this week.

This one focuses on bouldering on Southern Sandstone and features the talented (and very strong) Jon Partridge. The film was directed by renowned filmmaker David Petts, who recently produced, the Big Bang.

Please share this video and help others learn to respect the rock and help protect the unique Southern Sandstone crags.

How to boulder on Southern Sandstone:

1. Use bouldering pads to reduce ground erosion
2. Don't place tick marks
3. Don't remove turf or vegetation
4. No chipping!
5. Don't use a toothbrush or boulder brush
6. Clean your boots
7. Use as little chalk as possible

DOWNLOAD: the Code of Practice.

WATCH: The Sandstone skills playlist