Friday 19 June 2020

Tools - Get a Guide!

Having a guide book to a climbing area is probably the first thing you should think of when visiting a new area for the first time. Southern Sandstone has some very specific environmental and access sensitive crags of which knowledge of how to access and climb upon them is essential.

The latest guidebook to the area is the Rockfax Guide - Southern Sandstone Climbs which has been formulated to give the the latest information in an easy to read and visual way and also covers all the Code of Practice information.

Supplemental copy of the Code of Practice are free to help update other guides if you have those already. In addition the Rockfax guide focuses on the new and more suitable French grading systems, though retains the UK tech grade for comparison. 

Guides are available from all good outdoor book shops and if you're a UKC SupporterPlus member then you could get a copy for as little as £24.47 to expand on what the Rockfax App already provides.