Friday 14 August 2020

High Rocks - Access Update - 12.08.2020

A new access agreement has been made which now reinstates top-rope climbing at High Rocks as of the 12th of August 2020. The agreement has been drawn up by Graham Adcock and Tim Daniells along with the owner. To ensure future access, climbers must be adhered to the rules. 

Bellow are the main points of which the full access document can be found here:

Climbing at High Rocks. 12th August 2020 - Rocks Open

Following agreement with the Owner, we are pleased to announce that limited climbing is now permitted at High Rocks. In order to ensure access is maintained, it is essential that the following restrictions and procedures are followed carefully. If conditions are abused, climbing will, once again, be suspended.

• Climbing will be available on weekdays when High Rocks is open. Some weekends are possible, especially Sundays. Availability will be made clear at pre-booking.

• Climbers must pre-book at least one day before you wish to climb.

• There will be no access for climbers turning up on the day without pre-booking.

• Book by telephone 01892 515532 or by email

• Climbing is £12 per person for the day. Payment will be taken when booking along with name and contact details.

• Opening time is 10:15 and closing will be about an hour before the light fails.

• Season tickets are not available.

• Access is for roped climbing only – bouldering and abseiling are not permitted.

• Climbers are to make themselves known to staff on arrival by using the intercom system at the gate and enter the rocks as directed. Access is only to be made through this gate.

• When climbing, please respect High Rocks’ staff requests to have your name checked against the day’s list or move to a different climb if requested.

Please note the following:

• No Bouldering/Bouldering mats.

• No abseiling.

• No Group climbing.

• All climbers must be age 18 or over. No children.

Check for updates on our main High Rocks page.