Tuesday 10 November 2020

Southern Sandstone Climbing Suspension - 10/11/2020

All climbers are now being asked to stop climbing on Southern Sandstone in the south-east of England. The BMC statement is as follows.

"We are appealing to all climbers to stop climbing on Southern Sandstone crags for now, to prevent damage to the crags whilst the rock is damp in the coming months. Significant and irreversible damage has already occurred since Lockdown 2 began due high numbers climbing on damp rock. Damp sandstone is weak sandstone and climbing on it greatly increases the likelihood of permanently damaging the route or problem being climbed. Snapped holds change the climbing forever: they cannot be replaced. Whilst pubic access isn’t changing and walking around the Southern Sandstone outcrops is fine, we are asking all climbers to help us conserve this amazing resource for the future - don’t climb for the time being".

We ask the climbing community to help spread the message and to give support at this time to help preserve the rocks and beloved climbs from being destroyed. This is until indoor walls reopen and the sandstone conditions improve. 

The full BMC article with the reasons why this decision has been made can be found here.