Monday 28 March 2022

Harrison's Rocks Bolting Upgrade Work 2022 - Stage 2

Work continued on 27.03.2022 where further bolts were removed and clearance and repair work undertaken. 

The following routes have had bolts removed and will require alternative methods for setting up top ropes. If a setup method is not available then please treat the climb as temporarily closed. Single bolts for climbs have been taped off to prevent climbers from setting up only from one bolt. 

Removals on 27.03.2022
  1. Big Cave Route 1  - Both Bolts
  2. Birch Tree Crack   - Both Bolts 
  3. Senarra                 - Both Bolts
  4. Baskerville            - Back Bolt
  5. Elementary           - Back Bolt

This completes the removal of now 17 bolts. In the next few weeks (weather permitting) bolting work will commence of which some areas will be closed when this work is taking place.

Additional repair work is taking place to repair the area of rock around the old back bolt of Sossblitz which collapsed due to an underlying fracture that was uncovered when the bolt was tested and removed. It is believed that water had been getting in under the concrete for many years and cased a cavity under the rock. The climb will be closed until repair work is completed which is being done in stages.