Monday 10 July 2023

Southern Sandstone Open Meeting - Sunday 30th July 2023 (Postponed)


(UPDATE... Due to weather this meeting has been postponed, posable new dates will be circulated soon)

The next Sandstone Open Meeting 
is scheduled for Sunday 30th July and will take place at Harrison’s Rocks by the Isolated Buttress.

Currently, the plan is for this to take place at 16:00. 

The Sandstone Open Meeting is your chance to hear what’s going on and to have your say about anything to do with the local sandstone climbing and or the BMC.

If you have a particular topic or issue you wish to bring up, please drop it in the forum below so that the issue may be scheduled. 

Alternatively. Bring it up under AOB.

The meeting will be chaired by Adrian Paisey (HRMG Chair) and Tim Daniells (BMC Land and Property Trust).