Sunday 26 November 2023

Harrison's Rocks Bolting Upgrade Work 2023

After a period of review concerning all aspects of bolting undertaken on Southern Sandstone including bolts used, installation methods, bonding and methods of testing, bolting resumed at Harrison's. 

There was unfortunately some delay in the review process for a number of reasons, but on the 28.08.2023 test bolts were agreed to be installed in a new bolting test bed. On the 09.09.2023 Jon Fullwood of the BMC attended site to test the new bolts to produce a report. The findings of the report showed that the bolting methods used specifically concerning the new bolts placed were fit for purpose. Some bolts were identified as needing to be replaced and were removed on the 23.09.2023. 

An intensive bolting weekend then took place over the
weekend of the 30.09.23 and 01.10.23 where members of the HRMG (Volunteers) installed a total of 22 additional bolts, as well as cement work for those bolts removed. 

Bolts removed on:
  • Wellingtons Nose / Pincenib
  • Tame Variant Corner
  • Corridor Route
  • Crack And Cave
  • Grants Wall
  • Hell Wall

Bolts Installed:

01. Counterfeit - Back Bolt

02. Dark Chimney - Both Bolts

03. Casement Wall - Both Bolts

04. Sagittarius - Back Bolt

05. What Crisis? - Back Bolts
06. Slimfinger Crack - Both Bolts

07. Sossblitz - Back Bolt

08. Wellingtons Nose - Both Bolts

09. Corridor Route  - Both Bolts

10. Big Cave Route 1 - Both Bolts

11. Crack And Cave - Both Bolts
12. Grants Wall - Both Bolts

13. Hell Wall - Both Bolts