Thursday 13 March 2014

Stone Farm - Ground Work Update

Sunday saw a glorious warm sunny day at Stone Farm Rocks, with many climbers out for the day.

A few volunteers headed down there to do some work in the morning, by blocking off an old path and creating a new path with steps made from chopped logs. This is designed to re-direct people onto the new path to help stop erosion at the base of the crag.

 Logs were also placed at the base of the crag which were dug into place to create a barrier to control sand erosion from the base of the crag.

Plastic tubing around the growing tress were removed to enable the trees to thrive. Unfortunately a surprisingly large amount of litter was collected and disposed of. Also spotted were children using hard chalk blocks from the path above to draw on the rocks. If you see this please ask them to stop and inform their parents on the damage they are causing to the rock for those wishing to use the area.

Additional clearing work took place that will benefit all visiting the area as well.  

This is a popular little crag when the weather is good, with families, couples and friends all getting together for a day out climbing or out for a walk. If you do bring your dog along then ensure to keep them on the lead, above and at the base of the crag, so they do not interfere with climbers, belayers or other dogs on site. Also ensure to pick up and remove mess from site.