Monday 19 August 2013

Slacklining and Southern Sandstone

Slackining between tress at Bowles
Highlining & Slacklining is banned at Harrisons Rocks after slackliners rigged a ratchet line off the cemented top-roping bolts and pulled them out along with a chunk of the crag last year. Although the bolts are strong enough to hold top-ropes in place, they are not strong enough to take on the extra strain of slacklines, due to the soft nature of the rock. The message from the BMC is clear: DO NOT RIG LINES OFF BOLTS ON SOUTHERN SANDSTONE!

The Bowles rocks management are doing their best to accommodate slacklining but now require that it only be done by prior arrangement. Despite the appearance of the bolts they may not be as solid as they appear and should not be used. Sandstone is a soft, delicate rock and great care must be taken to prevent ropes or lines running over edges as they will cut into the rock and leave grooves. Bolts are only for top-ropes and are tested for this only.  There is currently no known issues with lines rigged from trees providing they are adequately protected.