Wednesday 22 April 2015

‪BMC TV - ‬Part one: How to look after Southern Sandstone - Video

What do you need to know about climbing on southern sandstone? The BMC's new five-part video series on ‪BMC TV‬ explains all. This is the first of five films looking after this unique rock, just outside London.

Part one: How to look after Southern Sandstone

1) Wear climbing shoes or very soft soled shoes and clean under your climbing shoes before climbing!

2) Only clean holds using a soft towel or a very soft brush - No bouldering (hard) toothbrushes as they are too abrasive.

3) Do not lower off when you have completed a route. Top-out and walk back down using a descent route.

4) Please no BBQs or fires - this makes the surface of the rock much more fragile and breaks the surface, as well as it being a fire risk to the area.

How to: Look after southern sandstone - BMC TV