Tuesday 28 April 2015

‪BMC TV - ‬Part Two: Essential Gear for Southern Sandstone Climbing- Video

The BMC have released Part Two of their series of Sandstone videos. The second part looks at essential gear to use on southern sandstone specifically.

- Rope:  1x 15 to 20 metre for anchoring (Static rope) and 1x 30 metre for climbing.

- Static slings for the top of the routes: 2.5cm X 120cm slings.
(Sometimes a 15-20 metre static rope is needed if there are no bolts at the top and you need to anchor to a tree further back from the edge of the crag)

- Screw gate karabiners

- Mat to keep feet clean (can use a piece of carpet, door mat or bouldering mat)

- Climbing shoes

- Rope / rock protector hosepipe and knot protector (you can buy this on amazon)

- Use a minimum of chalk

Also visit our equipment page for more specific information.

Essential Gear for Southern Sandstone Climbing