Monday 4 June 2018

Isolated Buttress - June 2018 - Update

Climbers lowering off the buttress
Following the decision to put a bridge in place on the isolated buttress, there will be a further period of review before a bridge is installed. The BMC Land Management Group (LMG) will be making extra assessments before moving forward, including another site visit along with a special open meeting, which is likely to be around September 2018. 

There are a number of items that need addressing prior to commencing including construction, planning and legal cost queries.

If there are no compelling reasons to come to a different decision in September then the LMG will endorse the recommendations of the Harrison's Management Group (HRMG). 

The LMG originally gave the task to the HRMG to come up with a decision regarding two options; a bridge or do nothing. Following a long period of analysis of arguments made from both sides and assessing the impact of the erosion of the rock, environmental issues, along with open meetings to discuss with the wider climbing community, the HRMG made a balanced decision to build a bridge.

The LMG will continue to investigate liability and health & safety to ensure that the decision can be endorsed.  

You can read the BMC's update here.

Improper use of bolts

Improper use of bolts