Friday 22 May 2020

Bank Holiday Weekend 23rd, 24th, 25th May 2020 - COVID-19 Update

We are expecting high numbers of climbers in the area this weekend. Currently Harrison’s is one of the busiest crags in the UK right now and Eridge and Stone Farm are seeing significant numbers of climbers which is causing issues with parking as well as the ability to keep a distance from one another. These areas are designated as honey pot areas and the BMC has put out its own advice regarding visiting them. Southern Sandstone is a popular choice with climbers in the London area and the southeast, and at this time we ask for climbers to be very aware of the restrictions in place and to consider whether they should make the journey this weekend. If you do visit the area then please consider other venues as an alternatives

We are still in a COVID-19 situation and people need to protect themselves, each other and the rock by following Covid-19 rules and the Code of Practice. Leave bouldering brushes at home and follow cleaning advice.

Harrison’s Rocks
CAR PARK - The carpark closes at 8PM. There has been a number of incidents with climbers being locked in. All climbers at this time should wind-down climbing at 7PM currently and return to their cars and leave before 8PM. Do not park elsewhere such as forge farm access, as this is causing a major issue for residents. The parking times are temporary and are due to the COVID-19 situation. Please remind fellow climbers if at Harrison's. If you have any queries as a climber about the current parking situation then please contact 
Pay and display now in operation.

CAMPING - This is currently illegal in the UK due to COVID-19.

Harrison’s Rocks - Bow Window and Bow Window Flake
Birds are nesting so do not climb at this time.

Harrison’s Rocks - Isolated Buttress
We have seen large numbers of climbers lowering off and abseiling off the buttress. Inexperienced climbers should avoid this buttress if they are unable to comply with the rules. 

Stone Farm
Parking has been an issue due to parking overload in the area particularly along Admiral’s Bridge Lane and W Hoathly Road. Please respect the limited parking at these locations and utilise the carpark at the far end of Admiral’s Bridge lane or the carpark in Legsheath Lane. If these are full also, please climb elsewhere.

Eridge Rocks
Due to the continued closure of Broadwater Nature Reserve car park. Warren Farm Lane and its parking is very restricted at the moment. Warren Farm Lane is an access road and residents some of which who are elderly need to ensure the access road is clear for emergency services and supplies, as well as for themselves. If this carpark is full, do not park elsewhere along the lane. 

Eridge Rocks - Romulus
Birds are nesting so do not climb at this time.

Bowles Rocks
Bowles Rocks continues to be closed until further notice.