Wednesday 4 November 2020

Lockdown 2 - What You Need to Know - 05.11.2020

England goes into its second lockdown on Thursday 5th of November 2020. As climbing walls close again, outdoor crags come back into focus for many. The BMC has launched its latest statement about how the current restrictions will affect climbing. 

A large number of locations are now closed for Lockdown 2

Please see below and follow. Failure to comply could result in permanent loss of access moving forward.

Below are some sandstone related items to consider if you're planning to head out onto the sandstone over the autumn and winter period.

1.  Avoid Wet and Damp Conditions

BMC - "The extremely fragile southern sandstone crags, in particular, are even more at risk of damage if wet or damp. Understandably this area has been the focal point for a surge of south-east and London climbers this year, and increased numbers combined with damp rock has the potential to cause significant damage. Don’t be tempted to climb on fragile rock types if wet or damp, it is all too easy to accelerate rock erosion and snap small holds. If in doubt, leave it for a day when the rock is dry".

2. Check Access

Check the climbing area pages and the COVID-19 page for the latest access information. Additionally check the BMC RAD, though this may incur some delays as access changes. Note any access agreements and avoid locations which require verbal permission at this time.

3. Remember to Wipe Your Feet and Follow the Code of Practice

If conditions are favourable for outdoor sandstone climbing, remember to wipe your feet so they are 100% clean before touching the rock. Winter ground conditions cause unfavourable elements to stick to your feet. Do not put dirty feet on the rock. Ensure you are efficient with all top-rope setups. The code of practice can be found here.

4. Parking and Overnight Stays

Observe car parking opening and closing times to avoid any issues. No overnight stays away from your home, this includes campervans, tents and cars. See government guidelines.  

5. Keep Up To Date

Check the COVID-19 page for any changes to crag access or parking access.

5. Trying times

These are difficult times for all so help your fellow climber by sticking to the rules and be courteous to those who are taking whatever action is required at this time to protect themselves, and others. 

Climbing suspensions in place on some Southern Sandstone Outcrops (Lockdown 2).

Crag/Rocks - Restricted: Very Limited Number of Climbs in Condition
Campsite - Closed
Toilet Facilities - Open 8am - 5pm
Carpark - Open 8am - 5pm

Crag/Rocks - Restricted: Very Limited Number of Climbs in Condition

Crag/Rocks - Closed from the 5th November 2020 (Lockdown 2)

Crag/Rocks - Closed from the 5th November 2020 (Lockdown 2)

Crag/Rock - Closed from the 5th November 2020 (Lockdown 2)

Crag/Rocks -  No climbing until further notice.

Crag/Rocks - No climbing until further notice.