Wednesday 14 May 2014

Sandstone conservation and clearing work update

A quick round up for work that has gone on over the autumn and winter period 2013/2014 that benefits the Sandstone environment.

Amongst other rhododendron clearing work which is very much evident above Larchant Wall, the
team at Bowles have also removed a number of trees in front of the Chalet slabs. Lines such as the Badger's Head have now become cleaner and better lines, but have increase in grade due to the removal of vegetation and trees. Many thanks to Bowels for the work that
has been carried out.

High Rocks
A successful day was spent in February 2014 clearing
rhododendrons in the area and a full story can be found here:

The Sussex Wildlife Trust volunteers do a fantastic job each year clearing the areas around the crag at Eridge. This year is no exception with extensive clearing work right along the crag and most noticeable is the removal of the bamboo in-front of the bouldering sector of Too Short to Mention, near the car park. A good number of trees have also been cleared around on or two of the boulders that are hidden away at Eridge South, making for some nice activation of some
lost little problems.

Stone Farm
Some restoration work was carried out back in early March this year making way for an improved walkway which helps prevent erosion on the lower banks. Additional tree trunks were also put in place to help prevent sand erosion. It was also evident that chalk from the surrounding cliffs were being used to graffiti on the rocks. Something that needs to be discouraged. SSC Story can be found here:

Bulls Hollow
Fantastic work carried out by the council and SVG team in February who cleared and drained the ground below the rock, as well as cleaning up some of the rock that had seen some significant neglect over the years. Full story here:

Happy Valley
The council have been very busy clearing the area on the south side and have also cleared up a lot of rock on the North side of the valley by the arches, and in doing so have unearthed a new boulder with some very good problems on it.

Harrison's Rocks
Along with the continuation of the woodland management plan, the HRMG have also undertaken some additional clearing work on some neglected areas along the crag. This is part of a program to bring life back to some of the areas that have not see much attention due to vegetation overgrowth on the rocks. The work is being done in stages throughout this year and next as some of the rock need to dry for much longer. So in the not so distant future we will hopefully see some new areas back on the map.